Comments from Writer, Producer & Director, Charles Belvin

After the screening for investors, Charles Belvin and members of the cast give a talk and answer questions about the short film and about disc golf.

planting the seed

A special "Thank you" to Nick Casalina

I was playing in a local tournament with about 50 other players in my category. On the seoond round, I had the pleasure of playing on the same card with 12 year-old Nick Casalina who could only be described as "magical". Nick went on to win the Recreational Category and essentially, "kicked everyone's butt". 

While Nick was receiving his trophy, I began to think to myself... "What if this kid wanted to be a professional disc golf player? This was followed by... "What kind of obstacles could I put in his way that would prevent him from achieving his goal?"  And finally... "What would he have to do to overcome those obstacles?"

This was the seed for the screenplay that would eventually become OVER STABLE. Thanks, Nick. you are a fine young man and an inspiration... at least to me anyway.

                                                                                                                                          Charles Belvin

                                                                                                                                   Writer / Producer / Director


the only decision that counts

Prequel to the film, OVER STABLE

THE ONLY DECISION THAT COUNTS is a short film that is the prequel to the full-length feature film, OVER STABLE (see project summary below). This short film presents the inciting incident that lays the foundation for the longer story. The purpose for the short film is to showcase the talents and abilities of the cast and crew in preparation for raising funds for the full-length feature film.

In addition, the crowdfunding campaign for the short film will serve as a barometer to gauge viewer interest and support for full-length film. 





Disc golf is one of the world’s fastest growing sports, yet enthusiasts find themselves with an on-going need to explain the purpose of the sport’s baskets seen in parks across America. 

OVERSTABLE will be a full-length feature film about a 15-year-old boy who wants to be a professional disc golf player and will have all the classic elements that make for great cinema. The story includes believable characters, romantic interludes, lust, greed, tragedy, injustice, humor, surprise twists, irony, and heroic efforts. Just ordinary people doing extraordinary things. OVERSTABLE will be the explanation and excitement that finally takes disc golf “main stream”. The film will engage the audience and their emotions. They will laugh in the beginning, cry in the middle and stand up and cheer at the end.

The location for shooting the film will be in Tallahassee, Florida. There are two city courses and two private courses that will lend themselves well to the story. One of the courses is an integral part of the scripted story. Tallahassee is also home to the prestigious Florida State College of Motion Picture Arts. Talented students from all over the world attend FSU to launch their careers in film-making and are looking for break-out opportunities just like this one, to add to their portfolio. 

This film, however, is not a student film. It will require a shooting schedule of 21 to 24 days and a significant budget to hire experienced crew and talented actors. While some of the crew could be students or recent graduates, their roles will be limited to those of grips, production assistants and other necessary but less formidable crew. The principal roles such as the Director of Photography and Unit Production Manager, will be brought in from Los Angeles (Bryan Ricke and Melissa Vitello) and principal actors will be fully vetted to ensure the highest quality talent is secured within budget constraints.

The script has been written, reviewed, edited, rewritten and is now ready for production. A preliminary production budget has been determined. Most of the supporting production roles have been identified.

There are many opportunities for an industry leader of the sport to become an integral part of the film. When the viewer sees posters of disc golf professionals on the wall of the lead character’s bedroom, what companies will they represent? When players pull out their collections of discs, what logos will the viewer see? When the climactic final tournament is played, whose logos will be on the shirts of competitors and whose banners will be posted at the event?

Above all this is a great story that features an exciting and emerging sport. For the right firm, it could be an investment with almost unimaginable returns. The movie will expand traditional market share, promote the sport to new demographic groups and has the potential to grow both awareness and participation.

OVER STABLE is the full-length feature film that will follow THE ONLY DECISION THAT COUNTS

OVER STABLE is the full-length feature film that will follow THE ONLY DECISION THAT COUNTS