This 15 minute film, THE ONLY DECISION THAT COUNTS, is the prequel to the full-length feature film, OVERSTABLE, which will hopefully be produced in the near future. 

Both films tell the story of young Danny Morse who dreams of becoming a professional disc golf player and travelling the world while playing on the Disc Golf Pro Tour. But first, Danny must overcome numerous obstacles and a devastating personal tragedy in order to keep his dream alive.

This short film, THE ONLY DECISION THAT COUNTS, is  the story of the inciting incident that launches Danny on his journey which is completed in the subsequent film, OVERSTABLE.


Cast and Crew - A "first time" for most of us...

This short film is the debut of Charles Belvin as a first-time Writer, Producer and Director. The project was funded through a $10,000 Kickstarter campaign which primarily went to equipment rental. The cast and crew were mostly volunteers. In fact, none of the cast had ever acted in front of a camera before and only one had ever been on stage. Likewise, only 5 of the 17 crew members had ever worked on a film crew. As you can see from this photograph, it's an experience we will never forget.


Writer / Producer / Director

Winner of four Sun Coast Emmy Awards and with more than 30 years of production experience, Charles Belvin makes his debut as a feature film writer, producer and director. This short film is designed to showcase his ability to produce a film, on time and on budget.


Bryan Ricke and Melissa Vitello

Attached to the film are Bryan Ricke, Director of Photography and his wife, Melissa Vitello who will serve as Unit Production Manager. Both Bryan and Melissa have recently completed their second feature film with a third film currently in pre-production.


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